Randy Wells

Chief Pilot

Randy serves as the Part 119 Chief Pilot for Sterling Airways. He completed his first solo in 1984, giving him nearly four decades of flight experience. He entered the airline industry 20 years ago and has previously worked for Great Lakes Aviation, Air Wisconsin, Lynx Aviation, Republic Airlines, Frontier Airlines and iAero Airways. He has been the Part 119 Certificate Chief Pilot for three Part 121 Airlines and has held positions as FAA Air Program Designee (APD), FAA Designated Check Airman, Chief Instructor, Simulator Instructor, Ground Instructor and Manager of Training. Randy holds 7 PIC type ratings: B-737, A320, ERJ-145, CL-65, DHC-8, ERJ-170, ERJ-190. He also operated the BE-1900, DO-328, and BAE-146 as SIC prior to the type rating requirement. He has a B.A. Degree from Metropolitan University in Denver.