Flight Data Monitoring Solution Improves Operational Safety and Efficiency; Delivers on Sterling’s Promise to Provide the “Safest Environment in Aviation”

Jacksonville, FL, October 27 – Sterling Airways, a Wexford Capital LP portfolio company, announced today an agreement with Scaled Analytics to leverage its flight data monitoring (FDM) system for company-wide operations, including Saab 2000 service under the Aleutian Airways brand in Anchorage, Alaska.  

Scaled Analytics’ SkyAnalyst FDM provides a secure, easy-to-use, cloud-based, scalable flight monitoring solution. Data can be analyzed to determine broad trends in operations, proactively identify hazards and monitor mitigation efforts. Sterling will leverage this data to further develop its robust safety culture and Safety Management System (SMS), as it continues to grow services across the U.S.

“We want our clients to think of Scaled Analytics as an extended part of their safety team,” said Dion Bozec, president and CEO of Scaled Analytics. “Our state-of-the-art analysis system and customized customer support helps airlines understand their flight data to make educated safety and operational business decisions.”

SkyAnalyst was designed with the end user in mind – pilots, safety officers, airline leaders – not software developers and engineers, making it easier for airlines to implement findings and focus on improving operations in a timely, cost-effective manner.

“Our partnership with Scaled Analytics brings an industry-leading FOQA program to Sterling Airways, which will allow our Flight Operations, Dispatch, and Tech Ops teams to proactively identify anomalies and ensure safe, reliable service,” said Jon Gourdoux, Director of Safety for Sterling Airways. “Access to this data provides our organization with more visibility into our unique operating environment.”

More information on Sterling Airways and Scaled Analytics can be found at flysterling.com, and scaledanalytics.com.


About Sterling Airways
Sterling Airways, a portfolio company of Wexford Capital LP, has the mission to set a new standard in aviation. Led by a team of experienced airline professionals, Sterling provides the highest level of safety, customer service and professionalism in the industry. For more information visit flysterling.com

About Scaled Analytics
Scaled Analytics was founded in 2014 with a single goal in mind: to make flight data analysis easy and accessible to all aviation professionals. Since that time, Scaled Analytics has become one of the world’s fastest growing flight data analysis software providers, supporting the safety, flight operations, and aircraft maintenance departments of more than 100 operators globally. Visit scaledanalytics.com for more information.